Cunino's Story: A Trash Collectors Life

Cunino is a Trash Collector from Santiago, Chile. We wanted to interview him so that he could share his story with us and give as a small insight on how his life has lead him to being one of the 20 million people in the world collecting recyclable materials from the streets and while helping to clean our planet. 

Cunino's life has been rough. He speaks to us about death, murder, addiction, illiteracy, child labour, homelessness, hunger, and poverty. This is not just a story that represents one person, it is a history that is similarly shared with thousands across the globe.

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It is important for us to acknowledge the word of the trash collectors, as they are often forgotten despite them making such a big and positive difference across the world. 

However they all face the same problem - the extremely low prices set by the few companies. As a result, many materials are not recycled.

In Santiago, the average wage for a trash collector can be anywhere between $1000CLP - $3000CLP per day ($1.5 - 4.5USD) or $5000CLP on a very good day ($7.5USD).  Glass is one of the materials that is paid the least for despite 100% of the material being recyclable. 

We want this to change and we want to use as a platform to give people a voice and to start a movement.

We want to demonstrate that glass is not trash.

We want you to recognise and value the work of trash collectors.

We want to teach people to recycle and to stop buying $HIT!

And we won't stop until all the glass of the world is green glass.

In the words of Cunino, "Let's not fight but work together". #haciendolajuntos #doingittogether

Interview & Video Editing: Oscar Munoz
Direction & Videography: Gita Buga
Subtitles & Translation: Pablo Cepeda, Gita Buga & Oscar Munoz



More Haciendola interviews to come