HACIÉNDOLA comes from the Spanish word 'Hacer', which directly translates to 'to do'. Haciéndola is the verb of Hacer, the action, meaning 'doing it' or 'making it'. Our e-mail is haciendola.juntos@gmail.com - which translates to "Doing it together", which is one of our core beliefs at Haciendola - to be honest people and to work towards something better together.

What is HACIÉNDOLA and does it Do?

Haciendola is the first E-Commerce Shopify Expert in Chile, and one of the first in Latin America - A collaboration created by Oscar Muñoz and Gita Buga.

We offer one-to-one services and tutorials in E-commerce, Marketing, Web Design and Photography as well as a range of tutorials that can be found on our blog completely for free.

As E-Commerce entrepreneurs and as people who live from the results, all the tips and techniques come from our own results and experiences in running and setting up stores. No time for bull$h&t, just stuff that works.


On the road we've met some amazing people from all different backgrounds and origins. Haciéndola was born to share their stories, knowledge, ninja techniques, and the real way people do things so that everyone can get results. We don't want to keep anything to ourselves. We just want to show you how Sexy, Cool and Fearless you can be! ;)



Green Glass Chile CEO

Hi I'm Oski! A crazy little fat guy with low self-esteem... But I can make things happen! At the age of 18 my family had a hardcore economical crisis (No food, no money, working all day, the whole week, for years). We were glass artisans with no formal education back then. 

Just in time, a friend asked me if I could cut a bottle to make it into a drinking glass, and that was when Green Glass® was born! 6 years later and over 100,000 bottles saved, I have a clearer dream to "Make each glass of the world a Green Glass!" Thanks to Green Glass® I have been able to travel the world for free and sell my products in over 10 different countries.

Being "Poor" was the best learning experience I could have ever have. Feeling trapped, without time, money, opportunities or contacts, and just a road full of monsters ahead, pushed me to learn some Ninja Techniques over the years. I could not have survived without a burning desire to overcome everything and save the world! To make the world a cooler and more eco-friendly place for everyone.

See more about Green Glass® here at www.greenglasschile.cl    

Whatsapp me! +569 6235 8189

Gita buga

Commercial & Editorial Photographer

I have been taking pictures for 12 years, and working in the industry for 8 years. I specialise in commercial and documentary photography, a combination that has allowed me both creativity and truth, something that is ever evolving and always teaches new ways of learning.

It hasn't been easy of course, there have been many times where I have been washing glasses, and serving drinks, and doing odd jobs here and there to make money to live and travel. Now I know what it has all been for - to work towards a collaboration between people for all of us to learn and grow together! Haciéndola is about everyones story and how we can create something incredible and honest together.

We have hands to make, voices to speak, and eyes to see the opportunity around us!

You can find my personal website here at www.gitabuga.co.uk

You can see here that I wasn't always a professional photographer. We all have to start somewhere! Maybe not all at 12 years old, but anything is possible!

Whatsapp me! +569 4862 8846

Send us a mail! haciendola.juntos@gmail.com

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How Haciéndola happened

Oscar and Gita met in Santiago, Chile, in January 2016 when Oscar hosted her as a Couch Surfer during her time travelling across South America. The initial plans of hosting Gita for one night extended to 8, which involved a mini adventure to Pichilemu with two other Norwegian Couch Surfers and their husky dog that were also being hosted by Oscar. 

After saying goodbye forever during the first full moon of the year, Gita continued her journey up to La Paz before going back to Brazil to live and work in São Paulo for a few months before returning to the UK.

She was a pretty hard Couch Surfer to get rid of because almost precisely one month later, on the second full moon of the year, Gita asked Oscar if he could be her partner on a photography project for the United Nations Foundation. Two days later she jumped on another plane from Brazil to Chile to start the project with him. During this time Gita and Oscar realised that they worked really well together, as they threw all of their energy into their work for 17 hours a day to complete the photographic project alongside keeping Green Glass alive! After two weeks together they said goodbye again, but this time it didn't seem like saying goodbye forever. 

One month later Gita's friend Luana asked her if she wanted to go for a walk to her favourite park in Sao Paulo, Parque Triannon, and of course Gita said yes! She didn't think anything of the boy sitting on the bench with a bag on his head and a film camera rolling as funny things are always going on in São Paulo. Gita didn't understand what was so funny until she turned around and the bag headed man revealed himself to be Oscar, that guy from Chile! Just standing there in São Paulo when we was just in Santiago.

She remembered that the last time she was in Chile, she made a wish on an eye-lash hoping for Oscar to come to Brazil for her birthday, she didn't tell him this as the wish wouldn't have come true otherwise, and he appeared! So they adventure continued in Brazil. When he left after a week and a half she just said, "See you on Friday".

By the 4th full moon of the year, Gita was back in Chile again for the third time, this is when they decided to set up HACIÉNDOLA. They realised that they work together super great and they make things happen too. They have more energy when they are together, more passion, and more inspiration! They realised that between themselves they have a lot of knowledge and stories to share, they want to share this knowledge with others so that everyone can grow together to become the best version of themselves. They promote passion and souls with fire, they believe in independant and self sufficient living! They believe that things don't have to be difficult, that fear is more in minds than in physical barriers, and that even with thousands of miles between them, anything can be possible!

They have realised now that they won't be saying goodbye anytime soon. In June Oscar will be going back to Brazil, where they will fly to England, and go for a trip to Madrid. By September, Gita will join Oscar again in Chile so that they can continue growing with HACIÉNDOLA.


we are here for you ;)

ECommerce & marketing

Oscar Muñoz                                         +569 6235 8189

Web design & Photography

Gita Buga                                               +569 4862 8846

Write to us about anything! Send a joke, suggest a blog post, show us something cool to read or watch, if you want to show us your project, if you are feeling down.. or just want to meet us! We are nice humans that like beer, red wine, and pisco sours!