How To Create an Ecommerce Store!


Over the past 5 years of my life, much of it has been dedicated to Ecommerce and it is what has allowed me to survive. Everything in this post will hold the finest selection of pure solid Eccomerce knowledge. No sappy or impossible applications for programmers, just simple and elegant solutions.

Ideally in Ecommerce you do not want your store depend on an external designer or programmer. If you're in that situation ... I understand all your frustrations! So here a set of solutions that will change EVERYTHING!


We have tried almost everything on Ecommerce platforms for entrepreneurs, from a page in Flash, Wix, Html5, Wordpress, WooCommerce, Square, BigCommerce, OsCommerce, Magento, Zencart, Weebly, Joomla (yuck), PrestaShop, JumpSeller, Bootic, etc.

It is by far the best service and most recommend in life for ecommerce. I now gain all my main income through this platform that supports my store Green Glass.

Shopify is by far the best platform today to manage Ecommerce, whichever size it is. Shopify is the largest, most complete and perfect platform for Ecommerce. The only one publicly traded and has more than 175,000 stores.


  • It is 100 % autoadminsitrable and you don't need to know anything about programming
  • It's an amazing platform for sales
  • Manage stocks, customers and sales in the same place - it has never been so easy!
  • It handles everything in the cloud and plans include hosting
  • It includes various payment methods for your store ( Webpay, Paypal and Bank Transfers)
  • Optimizes all images, files, and SEO
  • It has a glorious checkout!
  • A cool support team that solves any problems
  • A base of professionals and developers who do everything!
  • One of the best Ecommerce Blogs to read
  • An incredible app that connects all your sale details on your cellphone
  • A mobile application to manage your store from your mobile phone ... and it works !

It's the best there is. Full Stop. The beginning and the end of ecommerce.

How to Create your online Store

1. Go to and create a store! Just put your e-mail in to get started. We have been through many different online store platforms and websites (Wix, Joomla, Jumpseller, Prestasho, Bigcommere, you name it!) and you must TRUST US, Shopify is the best thing out there for selling online!!

2. Create a Password and choose your shop name. Don't worry if your shop name already exists with someone else, no one but you will see the name! It is just for logging into your Shopify store.

Go through our Shopify link and have an unlimited development time for your store online before starting a Shopify plan! If you start up straight through Shopify you will just have a 14 day trial period.

3. Put in your personal information :)

4. Are you already selling? How much are you approximately making?

Welcome to Shopify!! Now let's DO IT!!! Let's get you a name because you are a pro and you deserve a space on the internet! Time to leave your fears behind, and start living the dream...


1. Go to the Shopify Theme Store and browse through the different themes available to you. You can sort through themes by Free and also Paid themes that come at a variety of prices.


  • Brooklyn (Free)
  • Paralex Startup (E-mail us and we'll set you up with the theme for free! ;) )
  • Retina (E-mail us and we'll set you up with the theme for free! ;) 

2. View the Demo, See how it works on a Desktop as well as mobile!

3. Install the theme

Wow!!! Now look how fast and amazing it has been and you already have the base for a fancy looking store!!

Tips on Choosing a Good Theme

  • Make sure it is responsive! If you scroll over an image or a link, does it highlight or move?
  • Does it have a eye catching landing page?
  • If everything on the page is still, walk away!
  • People have a super short attention span these days, how interactive is it?
  • Does everything work?
  • Are the fonts and styles modern?
  • Does it work easily on a Cell phone?

Here you can learn how to Style Your ThemeCreate Products and CollectionsOrganizing Content Pages and Navigation, go there to learn everything about how to put together a super strong and independent store!


You're gotta start some time so it might as well be NOW!

Remember, if you start up your store through Haciendola or our Shopify Link, you will have an unlimited time to develop your store before choosing a plan :) You will also not be abandoned if you ever need any help or advise!

To choose a plan, you can go to Account > Change Plan Type

Or you can find links on your home page!

If this you have an accomplished business, we would highly recommend for you to choose the Shopify plan (Green Glass is on the Shopify plan)! The benefits and reports are incredible and you can really get to know your clients. The Customer Reports and Abandoned Shopping Cart add great features to selling online!

Otherwise, the Basic Shopify plan will definitely give you a good taste of what Shopify has to offer.

Buy your Custom Domain Name

1. Click on Add a Domain

Keep in mind!! You will need to have selected a paid plan through Shopify to set up a custom domain through them.

2. Click on Buy a New Domain

3. Check availability to make sure that your store name is the one and only!

You can also have a look at other options here in the scroll down menu, if you want for example ".cl" or "", the prices may be cheaper!

4. Put your card details in and confirm!

You Shopify store will automatically connect and you won't need to do anything else! Super easy and now your store is online!!

Connect Shopify to an Existing Domain

If you already have a domain name and want to connect your Shopify store to it, your can find our tutorial on how to connect your store here.