Creating Products on Shopify


It's super simple! So LETS GET TO IT!

In this post you can learn how to

  • Create a Product Page
  • Create a Product with Variations
  • How to Duplicate a Product

Creating a Product

Ok! So you've found or created the product that you want to sell, you know a little bit about it and you have a few pictures ready to show to everyone! You have already done the first steps of Creating an Ecommerce Storeso now lets get to the action!

1. Go to you Shopify Menu > Products > Add Product

2. Create your Products name!

Describe your item, the description box is a great place to start showing off your selling skills! A good format is:

  • A fun introductory sentence that gives your product a story and a concept
  • bullet point facts: Weight, materials, fittings, where it can be used, be creative and fun! Unless you are a robot, it's best to try to sound as human as possible :)
  • A finishing sentence, if you offer potentially more colours, or product variations... customisations... Now is the time to let them know that they can ask you anything! Even though your description should tell your client enough so that you don't get many annoying e-mails. 

3. Make sure that both the "Mobile app" and "Online store" boxes are ticked

4. Categorise your "product type"

If you have, or are going to have many products, it's a good idea to start saying what your "Product Type" is, this will help you organise your products better down the line! For when people are looking for headwear, or earrings, belts etc.

5. Add Product Vendor (If there is one)

If your shop has products from many vendors or designers, you can tell your client who that vendor is! When Customising Your Theme, you will be able to hide these sections too even if you have marked the Vendor, this can also help you remember where your products are coming from when you have many sources.

6. Add some pictures! 

If you have many pictures of one product, put them in, maybe pictures of people using your product too like this:

Or If you have variations of one product, you can show them all in the same place! It will save you lots of time on building Product Pages! Even though you can "Duplicate Product" which I will show you further bellow. 

You can drag the image of your choice to the first (larger image) position where it will automatically become the "cover" image.

7. Add a price!

It's up to you, but try to have prices that are united, and not just random numbers you thought of on the spot!

You must know the product cost, the shipping and storage costs, the working costs, and make sure that you are getting a fair price for what you are supplying.

7.5 (Optional) Add a "Compare Price At"

This is how people normally show Sale Products, for example "Was £45, Now £35" or "Prices starting from £35".

8. Add your product to a collection

If you have already created collections here you can easily add them and start showing them! If not, further down this post you will see how to create Collections and how to join everything together.

9. Add Tags

 It will help in the search engine of Google, and well as the search engine on your site! These tags can also come in handy when working with "rules".

10. Play around with Product Templates

Test the limits of your theme! Or just leave it as it is and it will be great still :)

11. Mark your Inventory (Privately or Publicly)

If you have an Inventory, Shopify can track the amount that's in stock sfter you tell them the quantity that you have, this can also be available for the customer to view as "5 Left in Stock". It's up to you if you would like to allow clients to buy the product even with none in stock! 

Otherwise just change the option in the drop down menu not to track inventory, most people leave it blank.

12. Add the weight of the product

This is just little extra detail that can lower the amount of questions you may get asked and keep the client well informed!

If you have variations of the same product, check this out!

Creating a Variation of a Product

1. Click on "Add Variants"

2. Type in the "Option Name" of the variants

e.g. Quantity, Size, Colour, Weight, Height etc.

3. Add the "Option Values"

Such as Small, Medium, Large, or different colour options.

You can add as many Variations as possible, however its much more clear if you just try to stick with 1 or 2 menus!


4. Add in the price of each product

If the product changes in value depending on it's variation, mark it here!


If you want to.

6. Click Save!

Now your Variants Section should look like this:

7. Click on the picture icons to connect a Variant to an Image!

When people are choosing the product that they want it will look super fancy ;)

8. Reorder the Variants drop down menu

Tip! It looks the best and most tidy when your image order is the same as you Variants Order :)

Now Check Out how amazing your product looks!

Duplicating a Product

If you have a similar product to a product you have already created, it can be faster for you to create a new product by duplicating one page and just altering a few details rather than starting from the beginning again!

Simply go to your product list and choose the product you would like to duplicate, on the top right corner you will see a "Duplicate" option.

You probably will have different product images, so just un-check the "duplicate product images" box! 

Your duplicate product will retain everything else - from the product description, to all the tags and collection details! Super handy!! Now zoooom through adding loads of amazing products to your store!!! ;)