How to get Thousands of Real Instagram Followers


No beating around the bush, this post is super raw and result oriented. Use the following tools to get automatically thousands of targeted instagram followers. Use the tool with wisdom, caution and respect or your account could be banned. Seriously. Here is a little video that shows you how to use it:

There is extra kickass information about great apps and websites to use in the post bellow!


  • How to gain the same followers as your competitors
  • How to advertise to your niche market
  • Automating Instagram to gain followers the same day
  • How to make your posts perform better


 Some of these techniques and programs violate Instagram's Terms of Use

This means that using these tools and practices run the risk of closing your account. So use them wisely!

Lets Start

Adding followers on any social network is one thing, connecting with fans in a niche way that are more likely to buy your products is another story!

Originally our @GreenGlassChile account had only 2,500 followers after one year of hard work with an average of 30 Likes per photo. Now each month on autopilot (after around 1 year of using Instagress), we gain around 2000 followers each month and now we get an average of over 400 likes a post! We have nearly 30000 followers and our interaction with other relevant and target users converts into sales.



First of all, it must be clear which followers you are going to focus on because you do not want to waste time trying to get people who do not care, or simply do not buy what you sell. 


First and foremost, you must have a laser focus targeted type of followers in mind so you must know or research your competition and inspirational goals! Don't lose time trying to get irrelevant followers. Ask yourself questions about the kind of followers you want to reach. 

  • What do they Like/Dislike?
  • Where are they located?
  • What accounts do they follow?
  • Any particular hashtags they use?

Boom! These guys are your prey.


Say you have a local vegeterian restaurant and you have a clear idea of what hippie-super-hipster veggie kind of guys fancy your restaurant. Now just write down a list of accounts in Instagram that this hippie fancy group follow. Make a list of 10 instagram accounts - the more local and targeted the better. Search for other popular nearby restaurants, search for universities, bloggers, brands and who ever you may think your clients may follow on Instagram. Ideally search for accounts with more than 5.000 followers.

For example @SimpleyVano, a young vegan blogger with 16.000 followers is a great guy to add to the list.


Your competitors have done the hard work, let them keep doing the hard part! Now is when we can take advantage of their strength, and just go picking their loyal fans, to show them something better to look at ... your business! The probability of these people follow and follow you back is potentially high, especially if you are related and have researched your audience well.

But ... how theft and followers?

What we are going to do is simple, we are going to "flirt with our customers" and tell all of them how cool they are! Because you really think they are cool and they deserve something awesome such as your product.

You can flirt with them like this until they finally have sex with you (buy your product)!!

  • Follow them on Instagram
  • Like their photos ;) and... like a lot of their photos!
  • Comment on their pictures like a friend would
  • Send them a private message

Rinse and repeat for thousands of new followers!

Ok, ok… I know you must be thinking at this point, "Ohhh stoopid Oscar I have been doing that for ages and it works but it takes me loads of time!" My friend, I know that feeling... and this is when I tell you how to become a Ninja Instagramer! Let me introduce you to...

This software is the Sh&t! It will let you follow, like and comment automatically to a pool of accounts filtered by people they follow, their locations an hashtags! The thing is called: Instagress – and you can try it for free for 3 days.

The basic package for U$9 a month and that will be enough time to show you that the thing works if you set it up the correct way - Something that may take around 10 minutes if you have done your homework!

Here you can put "Follow the followers of the 10 instagram accounts I've already though about" and the machine will do the hard work for you while you watch followers and likes flood in to your newly popular account.

Watch our video for a super thorough kickass explanation of Instagress - you won't regret.

There is not much more to explain. Instagress explains by itself. Now let me get my culinary microwave heated cheese Burrito while I watch turkish soap operas with all the new hours of fresh time Instagress is delivering me.


- Make sure that the first couple of days you start Instagress in "Slow Speed", after that you can move to fast so that your activity looks natural.

- Create neutral comments that can be applied to all images - you can't really go wrong with Emojis, so fill up your automated comments with a few!!

- If you are afraid of losing your main account, you can create a “Burn Account”, and try to see how it goes.

- Once you connect Instagress your account password might be changed by Instagram. Don't lose faith and move on..

- You can try Crowdfire if you want to go manual, which also works, but is 10x faster with though crowdfire than Instagram.. Also doable for Twitter. It also allows you to send a message to every new twitter follower :)


Just for "Social Proof". Everybody wants to be followed by a "Popular" account. So if yours does not look popular here you can buy between 1.000-2.000 (fake) followers for US$10 to start things off for you. Not bad eh?

Fiverr – Just look out for "Instagram followers" and lots of gigs will appear.

SETTING UP AUTO MESSAGES – Is an amazing app for sending Auto Instagram Direct Messages to all your Followers or the new ones. They've got a Free version which sends less messages a day and with the sucky "Sent via @holrdotco. But still works Amazing. Our instagram account @HaciendolJuntos actually says this "Hey @Username what's up! We are having a beer this friday with other cool antrepreneurs and talk about ecommerce, wanna join :)? Whatsapp us +56962358189" Or our amazing @GreenGlassChile  "Hi sexy @Username, wanna come for lemonade to our store in Julia Berstein 1944? If it's too far, you can use this discount code "BKN" on our website for your first purchase:)!"

Oh Oh oh... I think the #HaciendolaLovers will crash Instagram ;)


Its frustrating having to be posting the same content on different social networks. Forget about that and automate all the posts from instagram to be linked as a native post on twitter and/or facebook with:

IFTTT (If This Then That)


The following strategies meet Instagram policies and practices are good.

Hashtags are always used to win new followers

Use hashtags, and in particular hashtags pointing straight to your niche is a good way to connect with the right people.

How to know that hashtag to use?

We must make some Keyword Research (Research keywords or hashtags keywords) to our brand. Use Websta to find this info out for a good start!

TIP: You can use up to 30 hashtags by post. A good tip is to write different collections of hashtags in your notes, so before you post you can simply copy and past the hashtags instead of trying to remember them all and write them out!

Usw the correct filters

A study of  TrackMaven   shows the filters that have more interaction are Mayfair, no filter and Inkwell.

Here the list of most used filters instagram according  Populagram :

  1. Normal (No Filter)
  2. Valencia
  3. X-Pro II
  4. earlybird
  5. Amaro
  6. Rise
  7. Hudson
  8. Lo-fi
  9. Hefe
  10. Mountain range

Post on the best days and at the best hours

  • IconoSquare  will analyse your account and tell you this information

Posts your program to be published in the best time automatically

Finally you can leave the post programmed with these two applications.


You can automate Instagram with more engagement to get exposure and gain targeted followers. Please make this new skill something worth it! Don't annoy people, give before taking is all that we ask. Help make this world a better place! Remember, if you misbehave your account might be shut down. If you do a good job new Followers will rain!

Try it and let us know if it was helpful :)

Use it wisely for good stuff not evil stuff.

We appreciate each and every comment

Go for it! Don't be shy ;)


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