How to kickstart your Email List

We all start with "0" contacts

Usually when we work with brands and entrepreneurs we ask "Where is your Email List?", and the Response is usually "What's That?", "I don't have one", "I don't wanna bother my clients"... *facepalm*. You can find this even with very developed businesses.

 Realising the importance of the Email list and feeling frustrated for not having

If you are in that situation don't worry.. We will get you to your first 1000 subscribers! Don't panic because you don't have anybody yet, or if you don't even know what an e-mail list is. If you do have some customers, let's start looking after them!

Why is important to build an Email List?

If you are building one you are ahead of the game because:

  • You can start doing E-mail Marketing
  • You can always contact your clients
  • You can sell directly to them or launch a product to your loyal customers
  • You can track all of your clients behaviour (Total Amount Spent, Number of Orders, First Purchase) through their emails
  • You can integrate your mailing software with your E-Commerce (Shopify to Mailchimp)
  • You can create a set-up of automated emails depending on clients behaviour and generate automated sales every month
  • You can upload your email list to Facebook and advertise directly to your customers
  • You can extrapolate through Facebook to people similar to the ones one your list

Targeted Facebook Advertising is especially great for sales and you can learn how to do it here --> Facebook Ads the RIGHT way!

Reasons why people subscribe to e-mail lists

If you want people to subscribe you gotta give them goooood reasons to do so. So for starters here are some ideas:

  • Subscribe to get "News & Updates" is the standard in the industry, if you are lacking creativity use this one... But prepare to get not awesome results
  • Subscribe and get this --> Amazing.pdf  Provide a small manual, E-book, nice PDF for your subscribers. In our case we have our amazing "Pandoras Box" with tips and tricks for life and entrepreneurship, download it here for free!
  • Subscribe and get 10% Off on your first purchase today! Clients respond veeeeery well to this one
  • Subscribe and be the first to know when we... The classic VIP experience
  • Subscribe to reserve your spot/product
  • Subscribe and Join the community
  • Subscribe for a free lesson/video course
  • Subscribe for a free month/sample
 Keep it relevant for your customer, this is the bait

Keep it relevant for your customer, this is the bait

Part I


Yes, I'm like your daddy and I will guide you step by step through creating your email list :) We use MailChimp because it's the best.

1. Sign up at

 Press the beatiful signup button and just GO FOR IT!

2. Create A List

 Once you are in, you have to create the list!

3. Click "Create List"

 Click create New List!

4. Fill Out the Details

 Fill up the information with sensuality

5. Import your contacts (Don't worry yet just keep on going!)

 You want to hit the Import Subscribers!

6. Choose how you want to import subscribers

 Then you can upload a CSV file, Copy and Paste the Whole List, or import ir form another service.

7. Then you can upload a CSV file, Copy and Paste the Whole List, or import from another service.


 I know I know you might be thinking... Ah...... Where do I get the contacts from  :) !??!

Your first emails... Your personal Network

This may be not the best way to start, but we all need to start somewhere (with at least one contact). We will get emails from your personal network. A good place to start is:

  • Your Gmail Contacts: All your past clients
  • Linkedin
  • Yahoo & Other E-mail hosts

Part II




 Press firs "More" or "Más", and then press export

3. Go to the old interface of Contacts

 Go to the old interface of Contacts

4. Press other contacts or my contacts, there you have all the ones you have gathered, then select them all

 Press other contacts, there you have all the ones you have gathered, or My Contacts, then sellect them all.

5. Go to More and click export & google will give you a .CSV (Comma Separated Values) excel file

 Press the More or Más and click export, Google will give you a .CSV (Comma Separated Values) excel file.

 go back to Points 6 & 7 (part I) and Upload your contact list

You can easily export all of your linkedin contacts

Part III

Hot tips on growing your list

Tools for Building a Landing Page

 A landing page is the first page where somebody lands, the first impression, the way you present to you customers. And you want it to be good. There are maaaaany services for this. The biggest and most used are:

set up a pop up

Justuno: Is for creating easy and amazing popups. It's simple and we love it. We have captured over 5.000 emails with this tool on

Set up a clickable pop up that offers your clients something for their e-mail:

 This is justuno tab clients click and then...

Or a pop-up that everybody recognises

 Boom :) Simple popup, email magnet.

Some of the other great apps for pop ups are:

Privy Also an amazing super easy popup builder with surprising results, I think im moving to this service. It can be totally free

Hello Bar: A sexy bar that display's on your website that captures thousands of sexy e-mails 

 The Hello Bar in action at

The Hello Bar in action at

Smart Bar ( A bar for capturing emails, build by the sumo's

Welcome Mat ( Amazing tool that displays a huge screen covering the whole website for capturing leads. It's the one that converts the most at, just visit our Pandoras Box and check it out yourself :)

Contests for getting emails

Here just a couple of nice ways to get emails. Give aways and Sweepstakes are sweet as candy!

  • At fairs showcasing your products tell to people "Subscribe here and we will give away this - Amazing Thing - by the end of the week" It converts like hell, I can get a 100 emails in just one day.
  • Raffle Copter: Is a nice software that is very easy to use for running sweepstakes!

The last card under the slEEVE

Whilst reading the Tim Ferris Blog we found this gem. How a brand called Harrys got 100.000 emails in just one week with a viral/contest approach. We are going to test it with Green Glass next. Check it out here.


Hope you like it guys, leave some comments!