17 HOT Hacks when sending E-Mails


From good practices to extreme stalker behaviour... How to guess e-mail adresses, get to know when and who opened your email and all the information at hand with just an e-mail address. If you are not using Gmail... You should start now!

1. Rapportive: Find out who is name@email.com

Meet Rapportive... Ohhhhh yes my favorite plugin. 

If I get and e-mail, or while I'm writing one, a magic window opens with the picture and information associated to this persons e-mail. Their info is pulled from Linkedin, Twitter, Wordpress, and many more places! It's amazing information that lets you find out more about your client and their background. Use their information to help create stronger e-mails and more personalised selling points and content. Simple and Genius.


2. use rapportive to Guess somebody's e-mail

A while ago I sent an e-mail to a person ranked in Forbes. I just guessed his e-mail and he accepted to give me a Skype interview. Gosh I felt cool when this stuff works, you just need the persons name to start playing!

If you don't know the name of the person, and you know the company and possition you need to talk to, just go into Linkedin and type "Walmart HR Manager" or "Haciendola's Chieg Coolness Officer". Boom! You now know some names.

If you have Rapportive installed you can start trying with different combinations of name@email.com

If the person works on a startup try:

- firstname@domain.com

- FirstLetterOfFirstName + Lastname@domain.com

- Hi or Hello @dominio.com

If its a bigger and formal company.

- FirstLetterOfFirstName + Lastname@domain.com

- FirstName+ ".(dot)" + Lastname@domain.com

Typically startups and small companies have these kind of e-mails, and the CEO or Founder answers them:

- hello@domain.com

- info@domain.com

- contact@domain.com

3. Discover the structure of corporate e-mails

Almost all the e-mails in the last step follow a structure and in most of the cases it follows the same structure for all the e-mails throughout the company.

Many times we can't find a persons e-mail to guess the structure so then this Ninja Tip can come in handy. Type in Google the following: Just modify the part that says "insert domain" for the one you are looking for. Boom! Google will show some example e-mails from the company so then you may better guess the one you are looking for.

"email * * insertdomain.com" 

4. How to Verify if an E-mail Exists

Justo go to Mail Tester, here you can try combinations. The one that gives you just green lights is the correct one. Shazam!

5. "Undo" an E-mail you just sent.

Of course if you messed up by writing the worst e-mail ever and hit the "Send" button by accident, then cried like a baby with regret for being so foolish... Just go into Gmail's configuration (Little Cog at the right) and activate the undo option :) Set it up for at least 30 seconds. A reasonable time for regretting!

6. If your E-mailer has not responded, Send it Again. Take that Bi@tch!

 Boomerang is just magic! It really helps you to keep up to date with important e-mails and pressures for replies. Just install it and use the Boomerang box to bring the e-mail right to their inbox if they have not replied within a time you specify. SWEET CANDY.

7. Compose an E-mail and schedule sending

This one is Send Later which is also from Boomerang. It's very handy when you don't wanna look like a psycho who is sending e-mails at 4-5AM on the weekends, or when you want to send an e-mail between 7-9pm (when people are most concentrated on reading e-mails)

8. Reply to all Automatically

I always forgot including everybody in the response... Not anymooooore! Now i'm an e-mail ninja replying to everybody by default. Just go to the little Cog on the right "Configurations" and tick this wonderful option.

9. Have a Sexy Signature. Be Memorable

In my case for Green Glass, I like to include a picture of me and the B certification of my company. Usually I shoot between 20-50 e-mails a day. So this little footer becomes a great marketing tool too. If you have a sexy one people will remember you and wonder... Oh... who the hell is this good lookin' guy!?

(No me veo tan sexy... Falta gym ahí jajaja)

10. When finishing an E-mail

Just put "Cheers!". I'm joking. That is super tacky. When I'm waiting for a reply I always end with a question or suggestive comment such as, "I look forward to hearing from you". Remember not to write too long e-mails! They can be a bit daunting, or seem like some kind of african princess trying to get in touch leaving the e-mailer the thought of "ok... what do they want??"

11. How to see when someone has read your e-mail

Banana Tag is the spy that tells us when somebody opened our e-mail. Once you know the did they are more vulnerable because you know that they read it. Time to Attack! ROAAAARR!!

12. Make all those folders DISAPPEAR 

Gmail some day went nuts and created many different Inboxes such as "Social", "Ads" or whatever! Just get rid of them in Configurations

13. Unscribe from all the F@ckin' Sp@m in one Click!

I know you'll love Unroll.me with all your heart! I know millions of you have 10,000 unread messages which are mostly pure spam. Unroll.me shows you all the shit that has registered your e-mail to send you spam! Choose with whom you want to be left with and say chao to the rest!

14. default ANSWERS 

Ohhhh yesss hohoho. This has been saving me so much time, energy, and motivation. I feel stupid when people ask me the same thing over and over again and as a machine I have to write the same replies ( every day) again and again ... NO BITCH! Me (and I hope you too) NO MORE! Go to your gmail settings (above right) and then in the tab "Labs", inside that BOOM ! Hit the button to activate standard answers that you can create.

15. RECOMmendations on how to write to somebody

This is very strange and I'm not super clear on how it works but Iplayed around with the free trail version of this service . For example, "x " person likes short mails with no signs of "!" , or happy faces, Crystal will automate an e-mail for you.

Try Crystal for a two week free trail and see how it works for you!


And make them disappear from your inbox! If you are highly sexy and successful (or want to be) naturally you want your inbox to be showing a glorious "Inbox 0 " where all your e-mails are cleared and replied to! "Inbox 0" is a heavenly Zen state in which you manage to connect with now and again, in those moments life becomes colorful and breath fills your soul.

To do this you can try Inbox from Gmail or download the App and snooze the e-mails going to your phone. I found Streak just as powerful as CRM (Customer Relatiomshio Manager).

17. CMR & others...

The following are services meet the aforementioned functions, they allow you to snooze messages, track e-mails, schedule e-mails, and also build Pipeline (a process with stages) sales . For example, the e-mails that come to you move to different sections depending on the stages they are, such as  First Contact, Quote, Sales Close, Close and No Sale, etc.



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