I am a Professional Failure



I am a walking failure, and it's an honor! Someone who fails a lot is someone who is trying. And statistically that person will be increasingly closer to success after each and every failure. We always talk about super succsesful and rich people... We're already bored of those damned, let's talk about failures, misery, poornes problems, desperation, hard times and feeling like shit.

Here are only a couple of my failures that no longer embarrass me ... That's what I call P O W E R!

I no longer give power to failure, but I see them as different ways of finding success :)

How everything changed?

Everything changed when one day I found myself lost and partying in the streets of a crazy italian city (Nápoli) and all of the sudden I was surrounded of hot chicks laughing with me (Im never such a player) but then IT HIT ME!  The amazing tattoo of Nika Angelino... IT WAS LIKE BOOM!

 "Never a failure, always a lesson "

Boom! This simple but powerful message was enough to kill that damn goblin that had stayed in my head for so long, that shit pixie repeating constantly, "Hey Oscar, you're doing it all wrong, you're not sexy neither smart, you're a loser... a failure!".


In short, I wanted to summarize my position naturally assumed as the face of failure (which also makes me feel good about myself. That's the idea no?)

The line between success and failure is far too small and thin as we lay down to die. Someone who is failing is someone who is trying, and the more the failure, each attempt bringing us closer to success. Never again will I take my failures to heart.

I try everything to be understood as a role, one is not a failure as a person , but a person can make many mistakes. The important thing is not to find the culprit , what matters is who learned from all this.


This post is just in case anyone serve my personal failures, and to remember how badly we've been through, for things that simply did not matter. To exemplify the worst fears can create my mind can affect me health , happiness , traumas, trancas ... And to look back and just laugh at how stupid I was. Not to afferarse anything , I prefer to walk free, looking to the side and being transparent.


Failure 1: College Entrance

In my case , Commercial Engineering  was a waste of time . I meant to study disburse approximately $ 50,000 if that same silver had invested in an apartment at that time, I could have been living from those rents!

The first fee I had to pay, or will not let me get my degree Lesson :

To learn a college degree is not required, in Chile traditional races are too long and unimaginative .

Failure 2: Get into many things

Whenever my life stayed in plenty of time , filled him with a project ... Most failed , I lost time . How to try to create an online business selling trees , another juice in the streets with bike - machines, among others. I always got in some extra problem to fill time and feel an interesting and busy character ... To get to madness and despair and helplessness to do too much , squeeze anything and die trying . After that mourn with lagrimitas really suffer the unfairness that is life , fall into depression and low self-esteem , eating pointless to fill that void and forget the monster that I created for myself ... After that I take a cup of tea , Turkish delight , I see that all is not sooo bad , I realize that we live only air , water and food, and Life goes on Nigga ! To keep pushing.

Lesson : Today I seek above all my free time to be doing anything . Understood "nothing " as: traveling, playing guitar, learn things that I like , be free. Live undertake; )

Failure 3: Make a page in Flash

In 2010 I had my first website. I made friend and so it was completely free! I hallucinated . But I could not edit . And it was also made n Flash . The problem was that Google does not recognize Flash so no one ever saw my page.

Lesson : If you want a website that appears on Google do not set up a site in Flash!

Failure 4: Paying a developer by Mala Page

One of the worst experiences, I spent $ 300 (which for me was at that time my monthly sales). I invested the effort of a whole month on something that I never used. I depended upon this person to change the page, it was made in Joomla, an antiquated system that sucks! It was a very frustrating, exhausting, horrible experience.

Lesson: If you make a website, or you have to have a permanent developer on the team (I have seen millions of startup to fail because $10,000 is spent on development, a promise of heaven, then their sites are thrown). Or on the other hand, you can use platforms like Squarespace (Haciendola.com) or Shopify eCommerce (Greenglass.cl ) to have an indepentant life that works with easy and super trendy templates!

Failure 5: Believing that one would pay me on delivery Retail

He quoted a retail order a juicy , but never got a confirmation. also he needed to get permission from other brands to make the request on. Some of these brands sue thought :) And that period of my life many things came together . This order , a fair in Germany, a trip to Europe for one month , my birthday and exam grade . To change had no niuno , I went to Europe for a month with 50 lucas in my wallet and my 5 bank accounts in negative ... The same day of the exam grade was my birthday and my flight to a trip out 1 month 1 hour before the end of the exam. Oh shit . One proposes ...

Lesson : For something the O.C ( Purchase Orders ) were invented. No OC nothing there ;) I spent 3/4 gradings were four tests ( I threw my last test I had to leave 1 hour before to get on the plane ) , sold merchandise that I took and I traveled to Turkey with that. One proposed; ) It's not so bad ... But ouch bitch I cried that month.

Failure 6: Accusing a corporate executive general manager, by email

I was just desperate to collaborate with this great company by just accessing their garbage (glass bottles of course). It did not cost anything for them to give me their garbage!

One day I made this stupid angry e-mail. I did'nt get an answer. 

Then I met the executive in person which ended up being much cooler than I expected and we ended up collaborating on some great things!

Lesson: The purposes are always bigger than any personal quibble. It was something I regret and I will not do again.

Failure 7: Send to 3,000 boxes do wrong

I spent $6,000 on a production of bad boxes. Again investing sales month. And the producer gives me fucking cum boxes with bad board, and 2 months late, even though 50% had paid in advance. The worst part was I had to take such a hurry order I sent my client those boxes. Then when I received an email from across the world with these complaints ... I wanted to die. I almost lost him. But now that same customer placed the largest order so far :) and found boxes better provider.

Lesson: Always and in the first instance you have to be on top of every detail! We must be as Sauron on Frodo, as Cruella De Vil chasing the Dalmatian puppies. So you have to be with suppliers at first. Always ask for sample or ensure the conditions to reduce risks. The selection of good suppliers is an interesting process, is a pleasure to find people who do well Poser, you should always be looking with wide eyes and ask for references. There are many people out there chanta.

Failure 8: Do not back up my photos, delete them by mistake

Bitch! That super interesting trip I took with my new camera to Europe ... I think very sophisticated to have all backed Dropbox and not on my PC. The thing is that I deleted the folder Dropox and lost the photos ( Cof cof ... that moron ).

Lesson: For all that is photos. Flickr is a topísima option. Gives you 1 TB (1,000 GB) every year. And in essence was created to store photos, you have a cuáticas features.

Failure 9: Linger a pro bouquet 2nd time

I hated that teacher Econometrics I of the best in the class was, but I grabbed bad and I had to make the bouquet for the third time.

I almost kicked out of college for this alone. On the same day that made me send special cards to not throw me for being so lazy they say, me a letter came to my house the dean of the University congratulating me for the work I was doing, being part of their community and make it named after the U. #FuckThem

Lesson: Practicing patience and art of tolerance, rise to higher levels of consciousness and not fall short of teachers with their super-egos and speeches "I get paid to do classes, not teach." Once an idiot said that ...

Failure 10: yanking bad the teacher, rather, that you hold bad

Again, it is almost the same lesson as before.

Failure 11: Eating raw seafood and vodka

One of the post worst nights of my life . I had lunch raw seafood , afternoon sick ate bread with scrambled egg and milk. And finally tonight I Carretié with Green Glass larger capacity , the worst vodka in the world and an energy XXXtreme . I dishonorable things ( but I do not remember) , I turned off TV and the next day I had the worst poisoning and dehydration to the point that my whole body was calambrado .

Lesson : If you are intoxicated , apply serum. It does not wait until the body does not hold anymore. Do not mix seafood , scrambled eggs , milk , bad and energy vodka.

Failure 12: Bring my own accounting

The first time I did actiuvidades started as " small family microenterprise" , which amounted to the company I was with my Ruth ( I do not recommend to anyone) . The main reason was because I was not to pay an accountant and was told that this could welcome me to 14c and not declaring income ( a simple automatic calculation is made ), then only should carry VAT every month ... When had already been declared as eight months I realized I was doing it all wrong and backwards; )

Lesson : You have to understand accounting at all costs, but let an accountant do the paste.

Failure 13: Do everything

You just do it ... And it can be very cool at times, but there comes a point where you can not anymore. One can do it because you want to learn, because you have no budget to do it another, because you have not found someone else, because you do not trust someone else, etc.

Lesson: Delegating is an art learned with effort and perseverance. The process of teaching and let others take responsibilities can be very frustrating. But it is much more frustrating do EVERYTHING you and see that if you add up all your hours a day you will not reach to finish all the paste out there. It's just impossible! It is also more fun with more people.

Failure 14: Do not create processes

A process is an activity that gives certain given input results. It is characterized because it can be measured, and what can be measured can be optimized. In your life in practical terms and in a company. If you do not build process is like putting together a house starting with the roof, everything is not going fast becoming a process is potentially a waste of time

Lesson: The structure and processes help keep order. I spent years with Green Glass, doing things right and doing wrong things. Everything that is assimilated to a process gives me confidence. What does not cause chaos and despair ... and you have to turn it into a process

Failure 15: Do not measure things

When you do not measure, you talk ... and talk by Tinca by Tinca is penca. Serious people measure almost everything that can be measured. When you measure have information, you have information when making decisions becomes easier and sexy. When you're not ... potentially a storyteller or do not have a basis for making good decisions, which will likely lead to more chaos.

Lesson: Everything is measured can be controlled, and therefore optimize. I love using tools such as:

Google Spreadsheets: (Excel How Google): It bkn because it works in the cloud and several people can work simultaneously on the same document. This use it to keep track of the amount of processed bottles, working hours, etc.

Google Analytics: Everything related websites I manage, visits, time spent, bounce rates, traffic channels.

Shopify: Where I measure Efforts in ecommerce, sales per month, per customer, per channel

Mailchimp: To measure efforts in Mailing, here I see many of you open my mail :)

Coach.me: A app, social network that allows me trackear habits like getting up super early or go to the gym.

Failure 16: Do not define a strategy or plan

When you're in command of a venture, however small, you have to have a plan, define actions, goals and processes. Every time I walk away from an action plan my life and business become chaos. The days are 0 productive, get up late and let everything go down the toilet.

Lesson: A bad plan is better than no plan. You have to have an idea of here we are and where we come in. Then you need to clearly define what things to do to reach the goal. But the most important and what makes the difference is actually doing those things to reach the goal.

Failure 17: Not having left the U.

Each passing year and as I looked left of the screen, saw branches with names and complex rimpompantes hoping to learn something about them ... Most was a paraphrase of the former and looked like the system of "universities" had become somewhat dated for these times in which we live. Cache since the first year I wanted to get out of the U. and social pressure and the sad reality that continue to weigh cartons fed in Chile, I decided to finish it. Now for the third year was very risky to dump it, was heavily indebted, and earned very little money with my venture, I was not sure myself.

Lesson: always had hypothesized to be negatively impacted in the U my venture, now that I left the newly confirmed and reconfirm ... And I realize I lost 5-6 years of my life in a well-draining activity and little enriching. But like I made good friends and it was an experience. While I understand 100% when people come out, I was almost one of those, but I was mammon. I feel very rockstar if he had.

Failure 18: Do not make me respect

I'm a shy person, a thousand times have taken advantage of me, they have passed me to go and have bothered me. I have not heard, have laughed at me, I have kicked on the ground.

Lesson: There I pure love each other, sometimes be a selfless soul who just wants to help is useless. We must put tiburonosidad to life! With purpose and desire. There is a phrase that I love:

"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you, then they fight you. Then is when you win" Ghandi

Failure 19: Giving lot of my time

It is true that we know things and be people help. Not if it happens , but when you see someone who had that fucking problem that caused you so much suffering , the good Samaritan who bring inside goes crazy , you transform into super Sayayin and say :

Lesson : This fully well be a good Samaritan , but eventually when I passed my hand I let the shit dumped because I leave my life , to help others first we have to help ourselves , and be well .

Lesson : This fully well be a good Samaritan , but eventually when I passed my hand I let the shit dumped because I leave my life , to help others first we have to help ourselves , and be well .

Failure 20: Travelling without money

Ehhhhh . It happens often. Only limited possibilities but does grow creativity jajajaj

Failure 21: miss a flight to Easter Island, and was invited ...

I charge shame and awful feeling when the counter told me that I could not get on the flight because I was too late ... When I had to call the person who invited me to give a talk to say " Uko , I fell down airplane!" You feel like that person is disarmed across the phone but Super Sayayin anger became.

Such a moron

Peroooo .... I arrived a day after stipulated a fee of U $ 400 ( PLP !! ) Chat came out amazing . I asked to stay one more day on the island and the airline rewarded me with $ 500 . That extra day I took the opportunity to coordinate the recycling of glass on the island . I called a couple of empty ships leaving from the island to carry 50 tons of glass every month back to the mainland . I got on the continent to buy them all glass at a good price. Long live to the #GreenGlassLife

Failure 22 : Living the life of a potato

"I'm busy " , " I have no time " , "I am very tired," "I'm wabbit , in the B , nicagando the achievement." They are all excuses. And I understand that. When he was 19 weighed 76 Kilos . After going through 5 years of college and becoming a vegetarian ended up weighing 66 Kilos and with almost 100 % less force. For letting me be , for organizing bad time, and not make time for exercise.

How I feel sitting on a little bench


Lesson : You can always make one time if they really want, although I understand 100 % that do not, I went through it and could not, simply did not give me the leather work, study and be sexy at the same time . If it's any consolation. When Arnold Schwarzenegger asked how she manages to do so many things , the reponde , good day has 24 hours , I sleep only 6, the other 18 work. To which people respond to it ... Only six hours ?! I need to sleep about 8 minimum ! Then Arnold says:

TOP POWER WOULD LEARN FROM YOUR FAILURES , just below LEAVE HERE ... IF YOU ALSO FELT IDENTIFIED Comments :) Hey , do not you forget this; )