Green Glass: Santiago

In Chile 5 million bottles are produced each day and just 10% are recycled, the rest go to landfills.

The recycling industries in developing countries are always dominated by 1 or 2 companies who set the price for recycled materials how they wish. Usually the equilibrium point of this price is set under the cost of getting the raw or vigin material (and disregarding production costs).

The government does not restrict the production of glass and does not set the production companies recycling goals. This means that companies can freely produce whatever they want without needing to consider how to take care of their waste.

The price paid for recycled glass can be as low as $0,2USD per kilo of glass. Trash collectors never sell directly to the companies that buy the material because the factories are far from the city so they sell through smaller recycling centres. The recycling centres can sell to other recycling centres before finally reaching the factories where the materials can be reused - the consequence of this chain is that trash collectors face the lowest price for the material they collect. Ofter this price can be reduced to 1/3 or 1/4 of the official price that companies pay for the materials.

In Santiago, the average wage for a trash collector can be anywhere between $1000CLP - $3000CLP per day ($1.5 - 4.5USD) or $5000CLP on a very good day ($7.5USD).  Glass is one of the materials that is paid the least for despite 100% of the material being recyclable. 

In the world there are over 20 million people that live from recycling domestic materials. They all face the same problem - the extremely low prices set by the few companies. As a result, many materials are not recycled.


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